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About The Author

Derrick Moe
My specialty is in the sales assessment area.

Companies have sales teams consisting of various skill sets and abilities. I help companies identify the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson and plot a course for his or her development.  I also use these same tools to assess sales candidates for companies who are in an active hiring mode.

Sales managers often speak of unmotivated salespeople, confusing communicators and the dreaded mediocre performers. The managers attempt to break through these barriers with sales books, one day seminars or “get-well plans” for under-performers. I take a different approach by first assessing the salesperson’s skills and communication style. The depth of insight of these assessments usually leads to the sales manager asking, “How did you know that?” From there I craft a customized development plan to assist the sales manager in neutralizing the salesperson’s weaknesses and building on their natural strengths.

Sales managers in active hiring mode rely on these assessments to provide an x-ray of the candidate’s sales ability.  This information is invaluable when dealing with external candidates.  The information provides direction to the sales manager’s interview questions and provides foresight into the candidate’s abilities as compared to the position’s requirements.  To borrow a term from the military, it is actionable intelligence.

I have worked in multiple sales positions from inside sales representative up to Vice President of Sales. I have successfully (and unsuccessfully) sold rental equipment, computer network infrastructure, sheet metal fabrication, electronic inspection equipment and sales training. Before Select Metrix, I evaluated existing sales teams using online assessments and in-person observations. After gathering that information, I developed a highly customized sales training program based on the team’s needs.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

“Other” Info
I truly enjoy any and all things pertaining to coffee. I fancy myself an amateur barista and brew my own latte every single morning. When not in search of the perfect latte, I stay active with my family through sharing driving duties with my wife to get my son to hockey and my daughter to gymnastics.

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