This HRE article addresses a worrisome trend in hiring today – slow hiring decisions.

Decisiveness is the most important trait of successful hiring managers.  Lacking today because people are unsure of who they are hiring.  Can use assessments to assuage this fear.

Gartner found that, in 2018, the average time between the initial job interview and the hiring manager making an offer was 33 days—an 84% increase since 2010.

“The longer decision-making stage is causing a 16% reduction in candidates accepting offers,” says Lauren Smith, vice president of Gartner’s HR practice. “Ultimately, hiring managers are losing out on prime candidates because of this lag in decision-making.”

In sales hiring, I suspect this extended time-to-hire is even more pronounced.  Hiring salespeople is the most difficult hire for any company.  Salespeople, even inept ones, can have enough interpersonal skill to short-circuit your hiring process.

There is a way to improve your decision process when hiring.  First, why does it matter?

Decisive hiring managers, Gartner found, hire 10% more high-quality candidates and 11% fewer low-quality candidates than traditional hiring managers—and ultimately reduce time-to-hire by 17%.

Few tasks have a greater impact on a sales leader’s performance than hiring the right salesperson.  The best way to increase your hiring decision process is to incorporate assessments.

Objectivity is the strongest friend you can have when hiring.  Assessments are completely objective and provide a neutral, unvarnished reading of the person.  What motivates them?  Do they have the ideal sales motivation?  How will they sell?  These questions are answered objectively before you ever hire the candidate.

The most reliable method for accelerating your hiring process is to incorporate objective measurement to support your instinctive decision.

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