Can they sell? Those 3 words form the most common question we hear hiring managers ask in regards to their current crop of resumes. If experience were the sole predictor of success, hiring the right salesperson would be nothing more than an online resume search. Most sales managers know the disappointment of hiring a salesperson with sterling experience who cratered in a similar role once they were on board.

The Select Metrix process involves distinct steps to reveal the true sales candidate behind the polished veneer. Identifying a talented salesperson is difficult to do since almost all salespeople, including the bad ones, have above average bonding and rapport abilities. This valuable selling skill is often used to positively influence a hiring manager who is relying upon experience (resume) and emotion (gut feeling) to make their decision.

Our subtle techniques and objective online assessments neutralize these candidate advantages. By stripping away the veneer, we are able to assess if the candidate has the right blend of aptitudes, skills, motivations, rewards and style for your unique position. We provide all of this information and insight before you even meet them for the initial interview.

The process does not stop here. We are involved in the initial interview also. This approach allows us to ask probing questions of the candidates and debrief with you after each interview. We do not take an advocate position in the process. Rather, we allow you to see the real candidate without the platitudes and regurgitations common to a stereotypical sales interview.

Know them before you interview them.

What you receive is a clear view of the sales candidates’ strengths, skills, weaknesses and motivation. At the end of this process, you will find that you know these external candidates better than you know some of your existing salespeople.