A New Approach

Our engagement with your company can take different forms based on your specific needs. We assist companies from assessing candidates that they have sourced to developing their existing sales team and coaching their sales managers to effectively lead the salespeople on their team.

As younger generations enter the workforce, the classic “carrot and stick” approach to managing becomes more outdated. Recent surveys indicate that anywhere from 50 to 75% of employees consistently monitor job postings for a better opportunity. This fact means that successful companies will implement a process for identifying the best candidate to join their team. Once hired, retention will be the primary focus for the top performers.

Slinky Flexible

Flexible for Your Needs

We understand that no two sales positions are the same which is why we do not offer cookie cutter solutions. Each engagement is a start-from-scratch process. This approach allows us to tailor our unique solutions to your specific needs.

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180 degree turn

180° from Typical

This process requires more than a gut-level interview decision for hiring and a once-a-week forecast report for retention. The process must also provide a means for the manager to know what blend of motivations, rewards and styles will provide the greatest return on investment for each of their salespeople.

Our approach is 180° from typical. Understanding the complex interaction between an individual’s natural aptitudes, skills, motivations, rewards and style is the basis for effective management which leads to the salesperson’s successful, long-term performance. Select Metrix provides you with a detailed understanding of these traits for each candidate, employee and manager and how to move that information into effective action.