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The Select Metrix Process

Transforming Sales Hiring

Hiring salespeople is often a risky proposition. Some fail. Some are average. Few excel. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a repeatable methodology for finding the strongest salesperson for the position.
The Select Metrix process focuses exclusively on identifying, locating and selecting the strongest sales candidate based on the requirements of the position. The keystone in the process is to Profile the Sale which defines the skills needed to be successful in closing your typical sale.  A simple rule – you cannot ask a salesperson to do something 10, 50 or 100 times if you cannot explain how to do it one time.

From there, our process paints the complete picture of the candidate in details that are not accessible in an interview-based hiring decision. We observe phone abilities, monitor email capabilities and measure sales skills using objective assessments. Throughout the process we apply subtle forms of pressure commensurate to the pressure the candidate will experience selling for your company.

This process neutralizes the classic vulnerability of hiring salespeople – the salesperson’s refined ability to appear stronger than they actually are. Their well-developed bonding and rapport skills can influence even the most astute interviewer. Our process smokes out the pretenders before you waste time interviewing them, or worse, make a gut-level decision that places one of them on your payroll.

A brief overview of our 6-step process for recruiting strong sales candidates:

  1. Profile the sale/position and set a benchmark by focusing on what it will take to be successful in the position.
  2. Translate the profile into a candidate blueprint and then flood multiple sourcing channels to approach and attract salespeople with the skills to match the position’s requirements.
  3. Screen applicants to the profile – this varies depending on the position requirements. The screen call format depends upon your position’s requirements.
  4. Objectively assess the top candidates to determine strengths and gaps between her or his skills and the position’s needs. 
  5. Participate in a structured, face-to-face interview with the candidates and you to observe the candidate’s abilities in-person and pursue specific topics of interest identified in the screen and assessments. 
  6. Provide an “onramping” program which allows the manager to leverage the new salesperson’s strengths immediately while quickly ramping him or her up to full speed. 

The Select Metrix process is unique, structured and powerfully effective in delivering the right top-level talent to your company.

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