This Entrepreneur article hits on topic you may have overlooked.  What sign-off do you use for your emails?  Did you know there are different levels of etiquette?  Not kidding, there are certain formalities to consider.

An example:

The salutation: “Best”
Bates: “Best” is colloquial, but fine for someone you know. “Best wishes” or “Best regards” would be better for business.
Kerr: This is another acceptable sign-off, especially if you’re using it with someone you know really well.

That is my preferred sign-off, but I am currently rethinking it.  Here is the one I really dislike:

The salutation: “Ciao”
Bates: This isn’t for business, except for fashion, art or real Italians.
Kerr: “Ciao” should only be used for close buddies or work pals. It’s not appropriate for business purposes.

“Ciao” is far too pretentious for me, but I do see it on occasion.  The article is a quick read and I recommend you check it out…your preferred sign-off is probably listed.

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