Better Than An MBA…

An email came my way today mentioning that our little blog was placed on this list – 100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA.  I realize lists are good link bait and I am a sucker for them, but we definitely appreciate the recognition from The Fixer-Upper Blog.

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The New Look

As you can see at our site, we have updated the blog page a bit.  We have had some strange issues in the past with truncating (really disappearing) text so we have gone with a new theme, layout, color, etc. I hope you like the look and ease of reading The Hire Sense with these changes.  There are a few more on the way so please check back often as the look evolves.

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We were pleased to learn that The Hire Sense has been nominated for the Best Blogs Awards 2007.  The fact that we were nominated is an honor in itself as there are many tremendous blogs up for the award. If you enjoy The Hire Sense and would like to vote for us, you can simply follow this link to cast your vote in the survey or click on the image above.  You can vote for this blog in the Best Overall category and the Best HR Blog category. Many thanks to and to Zoom Info for running and sponsoring the annual awards and for considering our blog.

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A New Author Debut

We are in the process of some changes here at The Hire Sense.  We are working on a new look and we are adding a new author.  Eric Ramberg is a customer of ours who will be guest blogging on a regular basis. We have worked with Eric for the past 3 years on many different hiring projects.  I know he will bring a unique perspective to our blog – the hiring manager/customer perspective.  I suspect that perspective will be somewhat unique in the blogosphere. I hope to have Eric’s bio up on our site later today.  Eric has a diverse background from theater director to sales manager.  The topics for him… Read More

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Jurassic Marketing

I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard an ad for a company that mentioned their website.  This company doesn’t sell anything over the web – this was simply a corporate website.  Here is what caught my ear in the ad: “Our website is available 24×7.” We are not professional marketers here at Select Metrix, but I’m not sure that is a strong value proposition. In case it is, I am here to proudly announce that The Hire Sense is available 24×7.

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