Texting is becoming the best communication channel in the business world.  It seems that phone calls are answered less often even when considering business lines.  The backdoor, surest communication channel is the cell phone and, specifically, texting.

Texting/app messaging is the preferred communication tool for younger workers.  When you are hiring today, you need to keep this fact in mind.  I still find LinkedIn messaging to work well.  However, nothing works as well, or as quickly, as texting.  The response time is typically minutes or less.  The ability to send attachments and links has improved also.

So is it a trend when dealing with Millennials?  According to HR Executive it is:

In a highly competitive market, speed matters more than ever. How quickly you can secure the talent you need impacts how quickly your business is moving forward. Seventy-three percent of U.S. millennials and Gen Zers interact with each other digitally more than they do in real life. If you want a fast answer, texting is the way to go.

The current hiring market is moving fast.  I have been telling customers that you have to move quickly on strong candidates as they will have other options.  If you have identified them as strong, it is most likely that another company has come to the same conclusion.  Texting is the fastest communication channel available today.  The reason it works is that people are conditioned to respond quickly to a text.  This convention provides you with the quickest channel for moving a candidate through your hiring process.

Texting has also started to enter the business world as an appropriate communication channel.  When dealing with sales candidates, it is even more prevalent. If you haven’t embraced this channel for Millennials, you are missing out on an advantage your competition is probably using.

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