Here is a Forbes article that hits on a crucial topic for the next generation of leaders – agility (h/t Rick Brimacomb).  Short article but let’s set the table:

For companies to continue succeeding, next generation leaders must be able to handle any curve ball thrown their way. Leading through this new business environment requires the capability to sense and respond to changes in the business environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible. The best way to put it: next generation leaders have to be agile.

Exactly.  The business market moves in rapid, titanic shifts requiring leaders to be nimble and agile to react.  The author’s description:

Agile individuals are motivated by expanding their knowledge, questioning the status quo, and actively migrate towards challenges. They thrive off of solving the difficult problems within the organization, as they believe it mutually benefits themself and the company.

I have worked extensively with a couple of leaders that fit this description and they are impressive to observe.  In my experience, they possess not only the agility described above but also an anticipation of what is coming.  When you combine anticipation with agility, you find a powerful leader who can move his or her company successfully through the ever-changing and evolving marketplace.

As they say, read the entire article.

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