I can attest to the findings referenced in this Manpower survey:

Just last week, ManpowerGroup released the results of its sixth-annual Talent Shortage Survey.

The survey included almost 40,000 employers across 39 countries and territories. Globally, 34 percent of employers say they are having difficulty filling positions. The three most challenging occupations are Technicians, Sales Representatives, and Skilled Trades. The reasons most often cited are lack of experience, lack of available applicants and lack of technical skills. In the US, there is the added reason that candidates looking (sic.) for more pay than is offered.

Don’t you find that last line interesting?  Candidates are negotiating the compensation plans.  In sales, this is rather common even in an employer’s market like the present one we are experiencing.  Still, I do find it interesting that many companies are experiencing candidates who wish to negotiate the comp package.

Imagine, if they are willing to negotiate in this market, what will they do when hiring truly picks up and the pendulum swings back to the candidate side? (at least as much as possible – employers are always the in the ultimate control).

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