This is an advice column from the Selling Power archives:

E. Kinds of ads. Classified ads are found in the help wanted section of the newspaper, organized on the basis of occupation or industry and often alphabetized by the first word of the ad. Display ads have special borders with the company logo and sometimes artwork, drawings or photos. Open ads identify the name of the company. All inquiries from such ads must be answered, usually by mail or phone. Blind ads do not reveal the name of the company; the reader is asked to respond, by letter or resume, to a box number. In this case, you can respond to those applicants in whom you have an interest. Blind ads can be used in both classified and display ads.

Remember those days?  They weren’t that long ago.  Most hiring managers would cringe at reading this type of advice today.  However, I am fearless in sharing such antiquated material!

I wonder how long it will be before we start viewing the mega job boards as antiquated mediums?  The industry-specific boards are far more interesting for our company in terms of sourcing.  And even at that, the social media channel is truly becoming the rising star.  We just haven’t properly harnessed it’s full potential in our company yet.

I still browse through the printed newspaper sales employment section which is a bit of a misnomer in itself.  Our Sunday newspaper presented a whopping 10 sales ads recently.  The positions ranged from auto sales to debt collections to kiosk sales.  It was brutal…and foretelling.

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