Isn’t this an old marketing trick – include “surprising,” “stunned,” or “unexpected” in a headline?  It seems to me that every time an economic report comes out, we are presented with one of these words to describe the data.

The latest example comes from today:

U.S. construction spending unexpectedly posted its biggest increase in eight months in April, advancing for a second straight month as the private sector put money into both residential and nonresidential projects, according to a government report on Monday.

Oh to be able to surprise a sales manager with an unexpectedly lower sales forecast!  If the experts are consistently surprised, what credentials do they have for being experts?

Anyway, I am hopeful that the economy is turning, but I have to question if this is too early of a read.  The GM bankruptcy is going to have seismic repercussions on unemployment which is a lagging indicator to start.

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