Eyesonsales.com has a short article that lays out 14 steps in making successful cold calls.  With the lengthening of the sales cycle in regards to the economy, it is important to make sure that your salespeople stay on top of their pipelines.  This article has 14 points that can be used as a refresher for your experienced salespeople or as a starting point for your new salespeople.  

  1. Have a dedicated time each day to prospect.
  2. Know the reason for calling before you call: customer benefits, not product features.
  3. Leave short voice mail messages.
  4. Assume your voice mail messages will never be returned.
  5. Always call one level higher in an organization than you believe is necessary.
  6. Be confident and competent.
  7. Phone calls placed before 8:30 AM are the most likely to be answered by the person you’re trying to reach.
  8. Respect the gate-keeper by treating them in the same manner you would treat the prospect.
  9. Prospecting calls on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons will have the worst results.
  10. Prospecting on “semi-holidays” and inclement weather days will get a higher response.
  11. Make it your goal to earn the right, privilege, and honor to talk to the person again.
  12. Believe in what you’re selling and the benefits that the prospect will receive from your products/services.
  13. Believe in yourself and your professionalism.
  14. Anytime is a good time to make a call; don’t wait for the “perfect” time.

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