Here is a trend I have not heard of recently (emphasis mine):

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports about 45 percent of U.S. job openings through 2014 will be in the hidden middle-level job sector, most of them technical jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Mid-level means middle management, right?  Ok, maybe not.  Nonetheless, I still have not heard of this trend until reading this short excerpt from The Career News newsletter.

And one last piece of information to offset a popular misnomer:

Charted on a graph, the image of a robust technician economy belies a popular misconception. Most assume the job market is heaviest on the low-end of the spectrum and the high-end. The Bureau of Labor statistics says 33 percent of job openings involve occupations requiring a high degree of skills, while 22 percent of the jobs are in the low-skill category, the report said.

I know, “high degree of skill” is a fuzzy phrase.  The article refers to this type of job as requiring more than a high school diploma but less than a college degree.

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