I’ve been reading through many sales employment ads recently and am seeing a trend – the ads are written tighter.  A couple of examples:

-Minimum of 5 years of related public accounting and/or corporate sales

-A minimum of two years’ business development experience in a pharmaceutical and/or CRO biotechnology, or drug development company.

Nothing wrong with this approach since the candidate pool is still relatively large due to the slow economy.  One thing to be sure of – the labor pool will tighten up again soon.  At that point, it is wiser to move these requirements into preferences and look outside of your industry for transferable skills.

One interesting point – the aforementioned examples are from companies that recently laid off numerous employees.  This is a common approach for large companies.  They tend to purge a certain number of employees during slow times.  Wall Street is more accepting of this news and it is a good time to upgrade certain positions.

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