Ok, the title is a bit of a minomer.  The reference is to a Kelley Robertson post on the S&MM SoundOff blog.  He provides 3 sales tips based on a fiction writer’s boot camp he recently attended.

Here is an abridged version of those tips (my bold):

Start with a hook. The best novels usually start with a great hook. The more compelling your opening statement or question, the greater the likelihood your prospect will listen to the rest of your message.

Show, don’t tell. Showing characters in action instead of telling the reader what the characters are doing creates a more interesting story. Show the results your prospects can achieve instead of telling about your product, service or solution.

Use colourful dialogue. Too many sales presentations are dull and boring. The sales person either talks in a monotone voice, or reads from his/her brochure, or expects the prospect to sit through slide after slide of technical information.

That third one hits home as I have seen many a salesperson kill a presentation with a lackluster delivery.  I try to stress language in blog posts too.  You don’t have to use George Will’s vocabulary, but crafting sentences with unique words makes for a colorful read.

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