My wife once took classes to become a court reporter.  She even bought her own stenograph (is that what they are called?) for the training.  Unfortunately, she never completed the training due to other circumstances.

Unfortunate because court reporters earn an average salary of $59,970. reports this number in their article Five surprising salaries:

Surprising salary: $59,970*. You might not have thought typing could earn you so much money, but once you realize court reporters can’t miss a word — often in fast-talking situations — it makes more sense.

Here is the other end of the surprising salaries spectrum:

Surprising salary: $27,070. Seeing as paramedics have high stress jobs that require them to be on call and ready to save lives at a moment’s notice, you might expect their mean annual salary to be higher.

*Mean annual salary information based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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