I received an unsolicited email this morning from a niche job board that is really lame.  The remarkable offer:

I spoke with my Manager specifically about your company.  I asked him to help me put together a cost effective trial package that would need to give you a good feel for how effective our service can be.

I was able to create a private promotion that my Manager has authorized until the end of February.

Since this is a private special, it is not available online. If you want to take advantage of it, you must call me.

And of course the offer appears to be a 70% discount.  Please.  The fact that “Manager” is capitalized is entertaining in itself.  However, the entire prospecting message screams “delete me.”

I always appreciate prospecting approaches that are real, honest and straight-forward.  Approaches like this one have far too much of a used car sales approach to be considered valuable.

UPDATE:  I just received the exact same email for one of our other sites.  Perhaps this sales rep and Manager are quite the proficient team.  Either that or it is spam.

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