I’m not much of a web address guy though I know their are many who enjoy purchasing domain names.  This Search Insider article provides a good, quick list of suggestions for good (and bad) web addresses.

What Makes a Good URL?

On GoodURLBadURL.com I list some best practices for marketing professionals who, like me, take this URL thing seriously. Here are the Dos and Don’ts I’ve come up with for selecting and promoting URLs. I’d love to hear yours, too — either in the Search Insider Blog or the comments section on my site.


1. CapitalizeTheFirstLetterOfEachWord.

2. UseDifferentColorsOrBoldToHelpEachWordStandOut.

3. Whenever possible, use YourBrandName.com.

4. If .com is not available, use YourBrandName.net.

5. If .com and .net are taken, find a new brand name. Seriously.

6. Use YourSlogan.com when running an integrated media campaign.

7. Use subdomains when driving people deeper than your homepage — e.g. Product.YourBrandName.com.


1. Don’t include www. We know to go to the World Wide Web to find you.

2. Don’t include http://. If your audience isn’t Web-savvy enough to know where to type the URL, you shouldn’t have a Web site.

3. don’tusealllowercase (canyoureallytellwhereonewordendsandthenextbegins?)


5. No-hyphens/or slashes.

6. Don’t use acronyms, abbreviations, or numbers unless your brand is widely known as such.

7. Don’t bury your URL at the bottom of a billboard. I’m the only nerd driving around with a 4x zoom lens to find URLs.

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