An interesting article here from titled 8 ways to be a better boss.  The article focuses on coaching which is a task that many sales managers avoid to their own detriment.  There are some excellent points in the article and this tidbit of which I was not familiar:

2. Always follow the 7:1 rule. “You must give seven pieces of positive feedback for every one piece of developmental feedback if you don’t want to be perceived as overly critical,” Frankel says. “Catch people in the act of doing things right and reinforce it with praise” – even if they’re just doing the job they get paid for.

Seems like a good rule to me.  Here is another point to consider:

4. Speak up when you see behavior that can be improved. Frankel notes that major league sports coaches don’t wait until the end of the season or even the end of the game to coach their players. “They coach after plays and innings,” she says. “If you offer guidance regularly and consistently, those dreaded performance reviews become pro forma, because you’ve already done the real work of developing employees throughout the year.”

The reason why we work with sales managers to properly coach their salespeople is this exact reason.  There is the principle of the teachable moment.  Proper pre-call coaching followed by post-call debriefing is critical to developing your sales team. 

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