As an employer what type of follow up should you expect from a candidate?  Should you receive a thank you?  Should that thank you be a hand written mailed thank you, an email thank you or a quick text on your cell phone?

Did that last one get your attention?  It did mine as I read a post from Steven Rothberg.  The post used a couple of quotes from hiring managers that were offended by candidates sending out an email from a blackberry within minutes of the interview and a text message to the managers cell phone.  The hiring manager that received the text felt her “personal space” was infringed on. 

If you agree with these hiring managers then you need to change your thought process.  With all the technology at our disposal, we shouldn’t be surprised or taken aback with almost instant feedback or correspondence (especially with Gen Y).  This may not be how I would send the thank you, but I shouldn’t be offended if a generation who has grown up with all this technology uses it to it’s fullest.  I agree with Steven’s point that if you hand out your business card with your contact information then how can receiving a text be an infringement on your personal space?

Which leads me to this question – how quickly do you get back to candidates after an interview?  I hear from candidates all the time that they are constantly left in the dark as to where they are in the hiring process.  If you have an interest you should never leave them hanging.  We have heard of companies that wait weeks before getting back to candidates.  

I doubt that is an image you want to give candidates at this step in the process.  I know you have a lot going on and hiring is only a small part of all the responsibilities you have, but bottom line, you don’t want to turn off strong candidates.  You have spent a lot of time and money getting a candidate to this point in the process so keep things moving.  If you don’t have an interest in a candidate then tell them.  They won’t like it, but they will respect it.  As we have said before, during the hiring process you will see the candidates at their best.  The same holds true for you the hiring company and manager.

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