One of the points we always push when it comes to sourcing is to use multiple channels that still includes online job boards.  In fact we use them during our sourcing efforts, however if you talk to other recruiters you will probably hear that running ads on the boards will only get you active job seekers (the unemployed).  We find that at least half of the salespeople that respond to our ads are currently working or what other recruiters call passive job seekers

So the one thing we are always looking for are niche job boards to try out.  What we are finding is that the niche job boards deliver on their marketing promise to provide better qualified candidates than the big boards.  Even the big boards are trying to segment their space and create a quasi-niche approach.  Fox Business had an article on’s attempt to develop a new niche site in  Here is what the Managing Director had to say (emphasis is mine):

“ will help retailers compete more effectively with other industries for qualified talent and make the talent acquisition process much more efficient for retailers,” said Ben Jablow, Managing Director of “Many job seekers are only aware of a few of the available retail positions, but in reality there are so many different types of retail jobs from finance to human resources to web development to market research to loss prevention. will help elevate the profile of retail employment by educating job seekers about the long-term, diverse career opportunities that exist in retail.”

The big job boards are difficult to maneuver to find the jobs that are of greatest interest.  The aforementioned job board is a site that we will probably never use, but hopefully this will eliminate the clutter you encounter when you look for sales positions on CareerBuilder.  If you have ever searched for a sales position on the big boards, you know how cluttered the results are with retail positions instead of B2B inside and outside sales positions.  I think the niche approach is a smart, needed move by

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