Let’s continue with the marketing-themed Tuesday posts. We have discussed Gen X & Y on this blog and we have published articles on how to hire them.

Marketingprofs.com pens an article today – A Holistic Approach to Marketing to Baby Boomers – that looks at the largest generational group. Seems silly now, but we have conveniently ignored the boomers in our posts. Let me give you one reason why we shouldn’t ignore them:

An American turns 50 every seven seconds.

Staggering. I am intrigued by this point from the article:

Although boomers are veering away from rocking chairs, research shows the desire for achieving a balanced life as they age. As a result, the definition of work is changing as boomers start to move toward traditional retirement ages in their careers. Trends show that new, part-time, and modified careers are all on the table along with the need for continuous skill refinement and new learning.

That commentary could be made of the X and Y generations and their striving for work-life balance. Interesting how the Baby Boomers, long considered a workaholic generation, are now striving for a similar goal.

Productivity improvements alone will not be able to replace the boomers in the workplace. In the very near future, this older generation will need to be an option for many companies looking to fill open positions.

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