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Intrinsic talents and abilities each salesperson possesses

All salespeople have different levels of intrinsic talents, or aptitudes, to draw from in their development. These aptitudes are potential growth areas for the salesperson as they refine their talents into sales skills. A simple example: some children are born with a natural aptitude towards music. However, without lessons (skill development), they will never develop that aptitude into concert hall piano playing (the actual skill derived from the aptitude).

This crucial assessment provides an objective measurement of 60 individual aptitudes using a 0 to 10 point scale. Different combinations of these 60 aptitudes provide even further understanding of the salesperson’s capacities.

Some important salesperson aptitudes include:

Personal Accountability:  The capacity to be responsible for the consequences of one’s own decisions and actions.

Emotional Control:  The ability to appear to be rational and in-control when facing problems or crises.

Persuading Others: The ability to influentially present one’s positions, opinions, feelings or views to others in such a way that they will listen and adopt the same view.

Initiative: The compelling desire to get into the flow of work in order to accomplish the vision and complete the goal.

Results Orientation:  The ability to identify actions necessary to complete and obtain desired results.

Handling Rejection:  The ability to exhibit persistence and strong will in the face of objections.

Our Accurate Assessments

Envision a “skills x-ray” of the candidate including strengths, weaknesses, preferences and potential.