Sales Skills

Knowledge and abilities a salesperson develops through experience

Success in sales requires specific skills used at the proper time to execute a strategy.  The Sales Skills assessment provides a “snapshot” view of where the salesperson’s skills are today.  This real-world assessment illustrates what skills the salesperson has developed and how refined each of those skills is.

Each salesperson is objectively assessed against top-performing salespeople in 6 distinct stages: 

Prospecting  – identifying prospective companies to approach regarding your product or service offering.

Greeting  – phoning, emailing or meeting the prospect for the first time.

Qualifying  – determining the prospect’s needs, budget, decision process and time frame.

Demonstrating  – presenting a particular solution to the prospect’s specific needs as determined in the previous steps.

Influencing  – building confidence in the proposed solution and addressing follow-up questions and clarifications.

Closing  – handling objections and asking for the business to bring closure with the prospect and the proposed solution.

Our Accurate Assessments

Envision a “skills x-ray” of the candidate including strengths, weaknesses, preferences and potential.

Sales Skills