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Catalysts that reinforce further personal development

Different cognitive values cause salespeople to have different rewards. Their distinct reward pattern provides insight into the value they place on specific forms of reward. Each reward is measured for its intensity on a scale of 0 to 10. Salespeople who respond more intensely to a few rewards require a focused reward structure for their successes. Salespeople with an even intensity in all 6 rewards respond to a wider reward structure.  Understanding their rewards provides ongoing reinforcement of desired sales skills and activities.

The 6 Rewards are:

 Material Possessions  — An indicator of the desire to possess objects of high monetary value or importance.

 Personal Relationships  — A measure of one’s internal appreciation for others beyond their current work role.

 Self-Improvement  — A measure of the quality of one’s own internal motivation to improve.

 Sense Of Belonging  — A measure of how a person feels he or she fits into the surrounding world.

 Sense Of Mission  — A measure of a person’s sense of purpose in his or her life.

 Status & Recognition  — A measure of the importance of social status or prestige to a person’s current role.

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