This is the time of year for predictions so let’s look to hiring trends in 2020 from HR Professional:

The report also points to employment growth in personal care and service occupations (17.4%); computer and mathematical occupations (12.7%); healthcare and technical occupations (11.9%); and community and social-service occupations (11.2%).

“Healthcare and IT are the elephant in the room,” says Alan Lacey, technical lead and economist in the division of occupational employment projections at the BLS. “Their [employment] growth doesn’t necessarily surprise us. That’s where we’ve seen things [grow] over the last half decade or more.”

Right.  I don’t think anyone his surprised by continuing growth in healthcare and IT.  Those two industries should see remarkable growth over the next decade.  The aging Baby Boomers are driving the healthcare demand while IoT and AI will drive the IT demand (which I believe will outpace healthcare by a notable margin in the near future).

I suspect sales hiring will remain robust in 2020 as the new decade starts with a demand for relationship-focused salespeople.  As the article states, transactional selling has continued to move to a completely automated model.  Interestingly, there seems to be a strong growth across industries to find salespeople to handle 3 of the key areas:

  • Relationship Sales – focused on developing an ongoing relationship with the customer to learn their business in great detail.
  • Long Sales Cycle Sales – transactional sales are automated which means long sales cycle sales still demand a live person to navigate the extended time period to close the deal.
  • Complex Solution Sales – these sales require a custom solution for each customer requiring the salesperson to gather intricate data to formulate the ideal solution.

These 3 types of sales roles will continue to be in demand in 2020 and sourcing the right salesperson to fill one of those roles will be difficult.  The unemployment rate is at the lowest level in a generation (or two).  Be prepared to greatly increase your acquisition dollars to find the right salesperson.

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