This week we look at a critical sales trait that involves the salesperson’s ability to read the other person. Obviously, this ability has a tremendous impact on success. One key note – there is a fine line between too much empathy and not enough. This key factor is an aptitude we measure in all salespeople.

Empathetic Outlook
This is the ability to perceive and understand the feelings and attitudes of others – to place oneself €œin-the-shoes€ of another and to be able to view a situation from their perspective. It involves being conscious of how one€™s actions will impact others.

A salesperson with strength in this trait will be able to appreciate how their actions impact others. They utilize this knowledge in a wide variety of scenarios from interacting with others to managing others.

A salesperson with weakness in this area may have difficulty understanding the needs and feelings of others. This may cause them to make decisions which do not sufficiently consider the needs of others.

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