An email came my way today mentioning that our little blog was placed on this list – 100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA.  I realize lists are good link bait and I am a sucker for them, but we definitely appreciate the recognition from The Fixer-Upper Blog.


Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.

-Oscar Wilde

We have made it through another year of posting and pontificating.  Today, The Hire Sense turns two.  Thanks to all of you for allowing us the chance to share our thoughts, opinions, anecdotes and suggestions in this format.

Tomorrow my friends at Golden Compass will be hosing a sales teleseminar that will discuss techniques for navigating to the information you need to be successful in sales.

Michael and Sheryl have the gift of making learning fun.  Here are the details:

Information Overload is Killing You: Bullet Proof Your Sales Team with 5 Secret Strategies the other Yahoos Don’t Even Know

Wednesday, April 23rd 2008
2:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Central / 12:00pm Mountain / 11:00am Pacific

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay, Golden Compass

Every sales professional knows how essential it is to be prepared, but who has the time?! According to a recent LexisNexis survey, information overload is driving workers to the brink—and driving sales professionals to drink!

Don’t drown in a sea of information (or alcohol). Instead, join us to:

· Get the skinny on your prospects instantly and with pinpoint precision

· Stay up-to-date without even trying

· Scoop your competition in ways they won’t even see coming

· Find the answers to even your toughest questions

If you are available, you can join us by registering here.  I hope to hear you on the line!

Don’t you love that title, Sales Gravy?  This site is a sales resource that I was not aware of until I received a call from Jeb Blount who runs the site.

Sales Gravy is the fastest growing international networking community for Sales Professionals. Sales Gravy is your portal to All Things Sales.We believe that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business world and this site is designed and dedicated to helping our members gain the Winning Edge!

There are many resources on the site and I have to confess I have not had a chance to browse through all of them.  The Sales Tools and Resources is the area in which I have spent the most time.  There are numerous articles that I have read and can clearly see that we will be using them in our future posts.

Take the time to check out this valuable new resource.

As you can see at our site, we have updated the blog page a bit.  We have had some strange issues in the past with truncating (really disappearing) text so we have gone with a new theme, layout, color, etc.

I hope you like the look and ease of reading The Hire Sense with these changes.  There are a few more on the way so please check back often as the look evolves.

I've been Nominated - Best Blog Awards 2007

We were pleased to learn that The Hire Sense has been nominated for the Best Blogs Awards 2007.  The fact that we were nominated is an honor in itself as there are many tremendous blogs up for the award.

If you enjoy The Hire Sense and would like to vote for us, you can simply follow this link to cast your vote in the survey or click on the image above.  You can vote for this blog in the Best Overall category and the Best HR Blog category.

Many thanks to and to Zoom Info for running and sponsoring the annual awards and for considering our blog.

It already seems like a holiday week, but we’ll keep things moving this week as best we can.  The first interesting item I found this morning is a story stating that Google is looking to develop a competitor to Wikipedia.

From MediaPost:

LOOK OUT, WIKIPEDIA. GOOGLE IS soliciting entries for a new Internet encyclopedia that will consist of material submitted by people who want to be identified as experts.

The concept, revealed in a posting on Google’s Web site, poses a challenge to the nonprofit Wikipedia, whose entries are generated by unpaid, anonymous contributors. Google is calling its alternative “knol”–the company’s shorthand for a “unit of knowledge.” Submissions are currently by invitation only as Google fine-tunes the system.

Google may be able to own the entire world is 5 more years.

I’m not much of a web address guy though I know their are many who enjoy purchasing domain names.  This Search Insider article provides a good, quick list of suggestions for good (and bad) web addresses.

What Makes a Good URL?

On I list some best practices for marketing professionals who, like me, take this URL thing seriously. Here are the Dos and Don’ts I’ve come up with for selecting and promoting URLs. I’d love to hear yours, too — either in the Search Insider Blog or the comments section on my site.


1. CapitalizeTheFirstLetterOfEachWord.

2. UseDifferentColorsOrBoldToHelpEachWordStandOut.

3. Whenever possible, use

4. If .com is not available, use

5. If .com and .net are taken, find a new brand name. Seriously.

6. Use when running an integrated media campaign.

7. Use subdomains when driving people deeper than your homepage — e.g.


1. Don’t include www. We know to go to the World Wide Web to find you.

2. Don’t include http://. If your audience isn’t Web-savvy enough to know where to type the URL, you shouldn’t have a Web site.

3. don’tusealllowercase (canyoureallytellwhereonewordendsandthenextbegins?)


5. No-hyphens/or slashes.

6. Don’t use acronyms, abbreviations, or numbers unless your brand is widely known as such.

7. Don’t bury your URL at the bottom of a billboard. I’m the only nerd driving around with a 4x zoom lens to find URLs.

We are in the process of some changes here at The Hire Sense.  We are working on a new look and we are adding a new author.  Eric Ramberg is a customer of ours who will be guest blogging on a regular basis.

We have worked with Eric for the past 3 years on many different hiring projects.  I know he will bring a unique perspective to our blog – the hiring manager/customer perspective.  I suspect that perspective will be somewhat unique in the blogosphere.

I hope to have Eric’s bio up on our site later today.  Eric has a diverse background from theater director to sales manager.  The topics for him are wide open and I am sure you will enjoy his point of view.

My apologies to those of you who were not able to comment recently on The Hire Sense.  Apparently we had accidentally installed some draconian comment filter that viewed all of you as spammers.  I know blaming technology is an easy way out, but it is the truth.  Now, as to who activated the program… well, that is better left unsaid.

All comments now welcome (except the real spammers).