I heard a funny line last Friday at the Minnesota Recruiters conference.  I didn’t catch the name of the gentleman, but he was a search-firm recruiter discussing the recession:

We have chosen to not participate in this recession. <applause>
Unfortunately, our customers have chosen to participate in it. <laughter>

I want to send a blog shout out to Paul DeBettignies for putting on another excellent conference.  I have attended 6 of the 7 conferences over the past couple of years and I am always impressed at what I learn by attending.  If you are in the Twin Cities, may I suggest joining the community at MinnesotaRecruiters.com and attending the next conference in June?

We received an email heads up about the new book from Bradford Smart titled Topgrading for Sales.  What I like is the promo page they have put together for the book – it includes a movie trailer…of the book’s content.  A very web 2.0 approach which I appreciate.

The topics include how to interview, hire and coach top performing salespeople.  The one thing that catches my eye is the calculator for mishires.  This topic is bandied about without a definitive number for what a bad sales hire costs a company.  The number is certainly staggering no matter how it is calculated.

The opportunity cost is the killer…and a number that is incalculable.