That is the number I continue to hear from salespeople in a variety of markets when I ask them how are sales?  That is a staggering number when you think about it.  Unfortunately, those are the times we live in for now.

I continue to believe that the best method for offsetting this decrease is to go take business from your competition.  Who are their top customers?  Those accounts must always be your top prospects in any economy.

In today’s economy, I believe it will be difficult to persuade companies to invest in new purchases.  However, if they are currently buying from a competitor, salespeople need to unhook the business.  The company has already committed to spending those dollars so the money issue is an easier qualification/justification.

If you are selling a new product or service to them, you best jump right into return on investment (ROI).  Features and benefits selling will lead you right into tirekicking paradise without any closed deals.

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