In first reading this I thought I was reading a line from one of Jeff Foxworthy’s jokes, “You know you are a redneck if you write on your resume, “hobbies include sitting on the levee at night watching alligators.”  Nope, this is one of many odd resume inclusions from an article on CareerBuilder.  If you have ever run a recruiting process you probably can come up with your own list, but CareerBuilder has put together some beauties:

  • Candidate included that he spent summers on his family’s yacht in Grand Cayman.
  • Candidate attached a letter from her mother.
  • Candidate used pale blue paper with teddy bears around the border.
  • Candidate explained a gap in employment by saying it was because he was getting over the death of his cat for three months.
  • Candidate specified that his availability was limited because Friday, Saturday and Sunday was “drinkin’ time.”
  • Candidate included a picture of herself in a cheerleading uniform.
  • Candidate drew a picture of a car on the outside of the envelope and said it was the hiring manager’s gift.
  • Candidate included the fact that her sister once won a strawberry eating contest.
  • Candidate explained that he works well nude.
  • Candidate explained an arrest by stating, “We stole a pig, but it was a really small pig.”
  • Candidate included family medical history.

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