ManageSmarter has a good article that provides 10 ways that you can help your employees through the economic crisis.  There are some simple ideas on the list that a manager should do regardless of the economy.  What better way to retain your employees than to show your appreciation for their efforts?

  1. Shortening the work week to four days with extended work hours will increase productivity and give a welcome break for people.
  2. Consider giving turkeys to employees for Thanksgiving and accompany the gift with a card expressing appreciation for what everyone is doing.
  3. Facilitate a car pool, coordinating rides or give a gas cards.
  4. Hold regular one-on-one meetings with employees to learn of their financial situation and their stress levels.
  5. Giving employees movie passes or restaurant certificates for excellent work.
  6. Boost morale by having senior leaders conduct regular communication meetings with all employees to share what is going on with the company and to solicit ideas on how to help each other deal with economic uncertainties.
  7. Bring in childcare services or set up a day care opportunity close to the office to lessen child care travel time and expenses for employees.
  8. Make exercise programs and gym equipment available so they can stay trim and fit without paying monthly membership fees.
    Work with your downtown business association to see what after-hours shopping discounts can be arranged to assist employees with saving money.
  9. Take some time now to write an individual thank-you card to each employee expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation for sticking with the company and thank them for their contributions.

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