I currently reading Jason Seiden’s new book How To Self-Destruct Making The Least Of What’s Left Of Your Career.  You may have guessed from the title that part of the book is written tongue-in-cheek.  In fact, it is quite entertaining and a fast read.

I’ll provide a full review once I complete the book, but I had to share this insightful commentary for all sales managers.  When it comes to excuse-making, one of the favorite topics is time.

“I didn’t have time.”
“I ran out of time.”
“There wasn’t time to ask that question.”

These are excuses that need to be corrected.  I realize time constraints do occur, but I am speaking more to the chronic excuse-makers.  The next time you hear one of these lines from one of your salespeople remember this:

Never blame time for your problems:  time is the one constant that is absolutely the same for everybody.  Time may be the only thing in the whole wide world that never discriminates.

Well said.

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