The layoffs that have occurred in this weak economy have led to a larger percentage of overqualified candidates responding to lower-level positions.  We are presently seeing this effect in our sourcing efforts.

Clearly some companies that are looking to cut costs are laying off experienced salespeople who have 1.) higher salaries & benefits and 2.) are not delivering top-end numbers.  That’s not to say they are not being successful, but they are performing at a level where a financial decision maker may decided to release them.

This downsizing happens frequently to sales departments in weak economies.  The follow up move is this – hire a younger, less expensive salesperson for the same role.  This financial decision assumes similar production from the younger salesperson in the role.  Big assumption, but sometimes worth the risk.

What this means for a hiring company is that there will be some “deals” in the marketplace right now.  Some overqualified salespeople may be available for your open role.  Yes, there is a chance they are just going to ride out the economy and then look for a better job.  But I think the rewards outweigh this risk.

Now, I’m not talking about bringing in a VP-level to a telemarketing role.  A slightly overqualified candidate at a slightly higher pay level is often a good investment.  They tend to bring a broader skill set that you can hire at a discounted rate in this economy.

There is a caveat in this approach – you need to ensure you hire a salesperson with the right blend of skills, talents and motivations for your specific role.  This is an area in which we can help.

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