A headline from the Wall Street Journal – Employer Alliance Aims To Streamline Recruiting.  “Streamline” is one of those overused business terms that I find annoying.  Yet, the article is rather interesting:

Seven of the nation’s largest employers have teamed up to help one another with recruiting. They’ve formed a consortium called AllianceQ, which allows them and future members to share information about job applicants they don’t hire.

Which leads to this:

Since QuietAgent.com doesn’t feature job ads, professionals will only learn about career opportunities if employers contact them.

By giving out referrals to QuietAgent.com, AllianceQ members are helping job hunters they don’t hire find employment elsewhere, says Jason Kerr, chief executive officer of Chicago-based QuietAgent Inc., which publishes both QuietAgent.com and AllianceQ.com.

Which inevitably leads to this:

In the second quarter of 2009, QuietAgent.com plans to launch a new marketing campaign aimed at getting more small and midsize employers to use it. The campaign will focus on the site’s new relationship with AllianceQ. “We’re going to use the brand power of big businesses to offer small businesses a way to recruit,” says Mr. Kerr.

The idea seems like a strong leverage point if small businesses can benefit from the large corporations’ vast recruiting efforts.  Keep an eye on this one.

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