JustSell.com offers a list of words to avoid in your qualifying activities (both written and spoken).  This is a pet peeve of mine so I was elated to see such a comprehensive list.  A few of my favorites, or should I say least favorite?

a lot
in a minute / second / while
sort of

I would add “really” to the list.  Ok, why is this important?  I’ll let the JustSell guys explain:

Asked, “When can you have that for me?” in a business setting, a specific date and time is your best answer. Anyone in a leadership role will tell you that “soon”, “later”, or even “next week” doesn’t help them understand when you’ll have that for them. Say, “Tuesday before 10 am.” That’s helpful.

This is a tough one (your tough is probably different from ours, we understand). But minimizing your use of relative words can help you become much more effective and a better resource to your prospects, customers, and colleagues.

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