That isn’t my commentary, it is from the author of the blog Sold!.  His reasoning:

And there are some very good reasons why I believe woman are better suited for selling. Among them:

o In their personal lives and in business they tend to create relationships better.
o They tend to sell based on personal input and business input rather than just business.
o They listen.
o They don’t have a sales history that they are tied to, so “new” works for them.
o In many areas, women who are good in sales are still enough of a rarity to create a buzz.

Ok, it pays to be provocative when blogging so I give him credit.  You could start a spirited discussion about this topic, but I still think it is off target.  The key for hiring effective salespeople is to run a hiring process and objectively assess the candidates.

This approach means that gender is not a determining factor.  Skills, motivations, aptitudes, abilities and experience become the data used in the decision.  However, I do have to agree with the author’s final bullet point listed above.

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