We’ve been on the telecommuting trend for quite some time this year as it continues to grow.  I think it is safe to say it is more than a trend now.  As we source for sales positions, it is quite apparent that the younger candidates almost always address this issue early in the process.  They want to know what tools are in place and what the office expectations are.

We only work in the sales arena so our data may be slightly exaggerated to that end.  Nonetheless, telecommuting is a hot article topic as you can see from CareerJournal.com’s Good News for Professionals Who Want to Work at Home:

A growing number of employers, from UnitedHealth Group and Safeco to Capgemini, IBM, American Express and Sun Microsystems, are hiring skilled new employees to telecommute right from the start. These aren’t the piecework, independent-contractor gigs or commission-only sales jobs that have characterized at-home “employment” in the past. They are full-time corporate jobs with benefits, available without the prerequisite of working for the company for a few years first.

I’m always of the belief that once you see large companies incorporating a trend, that trend has truly grabbed hold.

Safeco has hired 91 new home-based employees so far this year, including claims examiners, adjustors and managers; about 1,500 of its 7,000 employees now work away from corporate offices, dramatically expanding Safeco’s talent pool. “With technology as good as it is,” Mr. Diana says, “there aren’t many jobs that can’t be done remotely.”

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