We’re going to start a short blog series on some specific sales aptitudes that predict success in a majority of sales roles. Our first one may be the most important aptitude – handling rejection.

Sales is overflowing with rejection. I know because getting “no’s” was a hallmark of my sales career – nobody did it better. Getting the “yes” was my struggle (still is).

Anyway, this aptitude is one we pay close attention to in all sales candidates. Sales that require many prospect contacts to reach 1 close require candidates with strong handling rejection aptitudes (an extreme example – telemarketing).

Handling Rejection:
The capacity to exhibit persistence and strong will in the face of objections.

A salesperson with a strong handling rejection aptitude is able to separate their self-value from their performance. They do not take rejection or criticism in an overly personal way.

A salesperson with a weak handling rejection aptitude will be prone to viewing rejection or criticism as a personal affront (a mark against who they are as a person) and will react accordingly (i.e., in a defensive, hostile or emotional manner). They can allow negative feedback to have a negative impact on their self-esteem.

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