Sourcing will become the most difficult task in hiring within the next 5 years if it isn’t already. CareerJournal has an informational article today – Niche Sites Catch On With More Job Seekers.

The article basically tracks a handful of higher level employees and their use of niche boards to land their new positions. We have seen a distinct migration to the niche sites and have had success ourselves with them. is particularly effective for finding technical talent.

The stat that caught my eye in the article:

Specialized boards today make up some 70% of the roughly 40,000 job sites on the Web, compared with 50% or 55% of the sites in 2001, says Peter Weddle, editor and publisher of Weddle’s Guides, of Stamford, Conn., a series of printed and online guides to Internet job sites.

The major boards are still the de facto standard for resume searches due to the sheer volume of resumes they contain. We typically post positions on one of the major boards and one of the niche boards for any position. This pattern seems to ensure a high quality response rate to the ad.

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