Work in Omaha, Live in Connecticut from CareerJournal discusses the commuting schedule of the CEO of ConAgra. Two words = corporate jet. The article provides much detail regarding the interaction between CEO’s and the investment community. But in the middle of the article resides this little dandy:

But other experts suggest that in the age of the BlackBerry, the CEO’s whereabouts are increasingly irrelevant. Many travel constantly among far-flung divisions anyway. And there are several high-profile chief executives who have lived away from headquarters cities.

I don’t know if it is too early or too late to say this may be a trend. Perhaps we are headed towards the age of the virtual CEO? This technological advancement in communication will have a profound impact on companies when the Gen X CEO’s take the helm of major corporations. For now, good to see the Baby Boomers embracing the technology.

And how about some kudos for this gentleman putting his family first. Granted, as CEO he receives much support, but I do not doubt that his choice will resonate with his daughter.

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